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Featured Thread Sealant Products

Deacon 770-L
200°F to 950°F
Liquid Sealant. Heat Curing Compound, Honey Consistency, High Chemical Tolerance, Brush on.
For use on: Threaded fittings, Turbine Split Casing, Any Metal to Metal Joints, Pump Casing, Leaking Gaskets, Boilers, Pressure Vessels.

Deacon 770-P
200°F to 950°F
Paste Sealant. Heat Curing Compound, Fibered Peanut Butter Consistency, High Chemical
Tolerance, Trowel on, or Caulk.
For use on: Threaded Fittings, Turbine Split Casing, Pump Casing, Leaking Gaskets, Boilers, Access Doors, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels.

Featured Flange Sealant / Gasket Dressing Products

Deacon 3300
600°F to 1600°F
Extruded Gasket Compound. Pliable Joint Sealant, Cures to a Flexible Leather-Like Consistency, Fully Compressible, Can be Used with a Gasket or Make Your Own Gasket, Fills Surface Defects, High Chemical Resistance.
Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" diameter.
For use on: Flanges, Gasket Replacement, Access Doors, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Turbines, Pressure Vessels, Any Metal-to-Metal Joints.

Deacon 8875-Thin
150°F to 1800°F
Paste Sealant. Heat Curing Compound, Peanut Butter Consistency, Fast-Setting,
High Chemical Tolerance, Trowel on or Caulk.
For use on: Threads, Flanges, Access Doors, Turbines, Exhaust Systems, Any Metal-to-Metal Joints, Pressure Vessels, Gasket Dressings.


Featured Other Products

Deacon Mold-Pac™
Damming, Molding, and Positioning Putty. Extreme Temperature Resistance, Easily and Quickly Removed, Remains Flexible, Holds Tight, Easily Packed in Place, Asbestos-Free.
For use on: Vibration Suppression, Positioning Delicate Parts, or as a Damming Compound for Retaining Babbitt, Epoxies, Dielectric Fluids, and Various Molten Materials.

Deacon 427
70°F to 400°F
Two-Part Epoxy. Liquid and Fibered Paste Available.
For use on: Excellent Chemical Resistance.

Featured Pump / Valve Packings Products

Deacon Pump 44
-100°F to 1000°F
Graphite Based Pump Packing. Lubricates and Seals under High Temperature, Remains Pliable, Very Fibrous, Contains a Non-Melting Synthetic Carrier, Protects Against Rust and Corrosion, Resists Seizing and Galling, Minimizes Friction and Shaft Wear, Excellent Water Resistance.
For use on:Rotating Shafts, Rotary Pumps, Agitators, Stuffing Boxes.

Deacon Pump 99
-50°F to 450°F
Pump Packing. PTFE Fibers and Fillers Add Lubricity and Chemical Resistance to a
Pliable Base, Seals Under High Pressure, Unique Formulation Disperses Heat Buildup, Unsurpassed Performance, Minimizes Downtime, Conforms to Voids left from Abrasion Wear and Scratches on Shafts and Other Moving Parts. Contains Lubricating Lead Shot.
For use on: Rotating Shafts, Turbine Pumps, Stuffing Boxes, Refiners.

Featured Injection Guns / Parts Products

Deacon Injection Gun #1699
10,000 PSI max operating pressure
Floating piston design. 3/8” high pressure hose with swivel ends and 15,000 PSI pressure gauge.
For use on: Injectable Packings

Deacon Injection Gun #1700
10,000 PSI max operating pressure
Floating piston design, foot operated trigger at pump (100 PSI, 10 CFM Air).
For use on: Injectable Packings



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