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Deacon Mold-Pac™
Damming, Molding, and Positioning Putty. Extreme Temperature Resistance, Easily and Quickly Removed, Remains Flexible, Holds Tight, Easily Packed in Place, Asbestos-Free.
For use on: Vibration Suppression, Positioning Delicate Parts, or as a Damming Compound for Retaining Babbitt, Epoxies, Dielectric Fluids, and Various Molten Materials.
Deacon 103-L
150°F to 600°F
Will accelerate the curing process of some Deacon thermosetting compounds. Must be used in conjunction with heat (minimum of 150°F/65°C) and will not cure the material without heat also being present. Not recommended above 600°F (316°C).
For use on: Used to accelerate the cure of some Deacon thermo-setting compounds on flanges, gaskets, and threads.
Deacon 427
70°F to 400°F
Two-Part Epoxy. Liquid and Fibered Paste Available.
For use on: Excellent Chemical Resistance.
Deacon PFPE Grease
PTFE thickened perfluorinated polyether fluid providing optimum oxidation resistance up to 500°F. Unmatched chemical & solvent resistance, inert to liquid & gaseous oxygen, nonflammable, capable of NSF/USDA food contact registration, compatible with nearly all elastomers & plastics, excellent electrical & radiation resistance.
For use on: Valves, o-rings, instruments, seals, bearings, and other applications that come in contact with oxygen, chlorine, benzene, xylene, alcohols, ammonia, solvents, steam, acids, and bases.

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