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Deacon 8875

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Deacon 8875

Deacon 8875 is a heat curing fibered paste for high-temperature flange sealing and gasket dressing applications.  A sealant / refractory hybrid that does not become weak or brittle,  Deacon 8875 is compatible with thermal cycling.

Typical Applications: High temperature steam, hot air and gases, cut / warped or pitted flanges, corrosive conditions, up-grade sealing capability of standard non-asbestos gaskets, good chemical resistance.

Features: Paste Sealant. Heat Curing Sealant / Refractory Hybrid, Thick Fibrous Consistency, Expands in the Presence of Heat, High Chemical Tolerance, Trowel on, compatible with thermal cycling, cures with heat not weak or brittle like ceramics or mortars.

Temperature Range: 500°F to 1800°F

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